Frustration, anger and aggressive tension can often be relieved in creative humor
We need to express our negative feelings and humour is an excellent vehicle!...


Laughter Therapy - Relief from stress through humor - Release emotional feelings and tensions - Humour poetry Relieve stresses relief via poetry - poetic humor - poem about life's irritating problems, complaints and situations

expressed in

a poetic foot-note!...


  Verruca on my foot
You are such a slut!
You never were invited,
My wishes you have spited!
But you're going to be sorry
For causing me this worry...
You're going to be fixed!
You're going to be blitzed!

This time you're through,
I really hate you!
I've got me a plan...
(I'm going to be a man!)...

My foot I will plunge
With one fearless lunge
Into a vat of hot oil!
You're wishes to spoil!
And when you're all done...

(My evil plot spun)...
All crinkly and brown
(wearing a frown?)...

from  © Michael Meredith 1990


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