Before language evolved, human beings thought in images (pictures)
this primitive level of brain activity is still the deepest and most powerful aspect of our psyche...

Holistic symbol  - image of wholeness and healthy living out of our destiny  

When the going gets really tough!...
Find Your Healing Symbol


I need a healing symbol
when the going gets really tough.
A picture, photo, object
or poem will be enough...
To help me see more clearly
as pain and fear mist my eyes
and to bring back that loving feeling
a wonder-ful surprise!
For although the situation's hopeless
and the future's really grim
I'm still a loveable person -
a light that never grows dim
And on the distant horizon
there shines a vision bright
of a cosy, warm and beautiful world...
to keep me going through the night!

© Michael J. Meredith 1990

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  Carl Gustav Jung cover photos - psychology of human symbols

Symbolic image at top of this page - Explanation
YinYang holistic symbol of harmony
The holistic symbol shown here is a traditional Chinese and Korean symbol for healthy and harmonious living. At the centre is a "YinYang" circle of interlocking comma-shaped areas. These symbolise the concept of wholeness, balance and inter-flow of energy which underly the holistic model of health. This image conveys hope and inspiration because it shows that pain suffering are only temporary - nothing lasts forever, our positive and negative experiences will always flow from one to the other in a dynamic interplay, which Buddhists call "the winds of life".

Around the "YinYang" circle of balanced energies, are arranged hexagrams of the I Ching - an ancient Chinese book of divination which dates back four thousand years. The I Ching has often been dismissed as a system of "fortune telling" but in fact it is a symbolic way of generating new viewpoints and new options in a current situation that is causing concern.

The composite image of these two ancient symbols of wisdom neatly summarises the wholistic approach to health. In this overview, the interacting dynamics of any troublesome situation can be put into a less intimidating perspective from which new options for future action, growth, learning or progress can be generated.

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