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"Time Pressure"

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Time is moving at the Wrong Speed for Me!


Is time moving TOO FAST or TOO SLOW for you?
Is it the clock (time demands & pressures) inside that is racing, is it the clock outside that is racing?
Either way, you are out of synchrony with your environment - take action now to restore harmony to your life.

time management  

Time & Demands - Which Do You Have Excess Of?


Excessive Demands!

Excessive Time = Boredom!
    Stop rushing around driven by the pressures.
    Consider that some of the pressure you feel might be in your "fevered" over-wrought brain.
    "Pressured" may also reflect loss of personal balance or perspective
    Decide to take responsibillity for
    (take charge of) this situation

Boredom or time pressure stress requires release of feelingsFrustration from demands and pressures -  express the feeling
(really experience them - breathe deeply & slowly)
yell, scream, stamp your feet, throw tantrums, write angry & abusive letters (destroy, don't post!)
do not massage or "wallow" in blaming or "I'm a poor victim" feelings

then when you feel calmer...

make a "to do" list & PRIORITISE!

If you were going to die next week, what would be important for you to do?

For longer term goal setting, write your own obituary
how would you like to be remembered?

give yourself permission NOT to do
lower items on this list

Make a list of:
a) what you need
b) what you want to do with your life

If list is still too much - review & negotiate internal (personal) & external demands especially expectations & standards

Set action & time goals to achieve your objectives


Childhood experiences ("conditioning") is often at the root of these problems.
Unbiassed external input (counselling, healing or therapy) is often necessary. I also recommend reading: "The Successful Self"
Reading lists on Obsession & Compulsion (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD) are available here:
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(all deliver world-wide)

Time Management guides Sources of help when stressed by time pressures
Time Management
bestselling books:
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*Impatience resources (Don't worry - this page downloads very fast!)

*"Wound-up", "Stressed" - Ways to Lower Hyper-arousal


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