"Where there is no vision, the people perish!"
[Book of Proverbs]

On Track!


issues raised:

Directions, Goals, Ruts

Is developing a clear forward direction of movement and a clear goal important to you?
These are certainly key ingredients of fulfilment & success for many people.
However, there are also dangers for you to be aware of, if this is the path you are on.

setting clear life direction & goals

Clarity of Direction & Purpose

Positive aspects Dangers!
Focus of personal resources onto a purpose or forward path ensures progress Neglect of other needs & relationships
Single-mindedness avoids wasteful distractions Inflexibility & Insensitivity can damage relationships or lead to imbalance of personality and life experience
Simplicity of having clear direction & goals Progress in the real world includes changes of direction and making of choices from time to time


To clarify your direction and avoid the above pitfalls, I recommend reading:
"The Successful Self"

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