The Mystical Ancient Goddess of Flowers & Gardens

Flora Roman GoddessFlora Roman Goddess FLORA Flora Roman GoddessFlora Roman Goddess

Sunflower Health & Healing honours Flora Roman Goddess of Flowers and Gardens

Summons you into Her Presence!

Roman Goddess Flora
Deity of flowers and the pleasures of youth
Heralds the coming of Spring

Gifts of fruit and flowers were presented to Flora on her festival called "Floralia" from April 28th to April 30th
A Festival notable for Licentiousness!
Seeds such as beans were sprinkled onto the celebrants to symbolise fertility and fruitfulness

Celebrating The Coming of Spring & Flourishing of New Life

The 2nd song in this clip is "Return of The Birds" a Beltaine Celebration Song in Medieval Latin.
The Feast of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty, is on 1st of May, very similar to the Roman's Goddess of Flowers, Flora.
These Songs are from Medieval Baebes Album "Mirabilis" [Amazon UK   Amazon USA]


Flora has a question for you now...


Are you spending enough time with the beauty, peace and wonder of nature?


Roman Goddess Flora - Patron of Gardens and Flowers
Pashley Manor Gardens, Ticehurst, Sussex
A Beautiful English Garden


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What is Plant Spirit Healing?
All the joy your heart has designed
There's a ship waiting down at the shore
There's a highway not far from your door
And a world all around to explore - JUST WAITING!

[Alan J. Lerner]

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