Angels are those compassionate people who come to visit us in hospital
bringing with them a spirit of compassion, love and kindness!

hospital visits from friends and relatives

Visiting the Sick...


          an opportunity to build love!...



Hospital visitors
Come feed on my grapes!
Lighten my day!
Remind me I'll be out of here
One fine day
(If I have my way)
Come bearing gift
See my spirits lift!
To see that you care
... and miss me!


I could do with a score
Maybe even more!
There's never enough
Of these cardboard reminders
That people care...
And take trouble to show it


A letter is fun
Means you're wanted old son!
Somebody cares
Somebody tears
their heart out you're ill
Is missing you and still...
thinks about you...
even though you're not there


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visitng the sick in hospital - some tips

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