One of the most difficult aspects of hospitalisation, particularly in a public hospital ward
is that we may have to mix with people we would normally choose to avoid!
Men's social group mixing behaviour Women's social group mixing behavior




  these "forced marriages" can be quite daunting! ...


In-Patient Relationships

We have to get along;
We have to make a song;
and dance about it all.
We have to work it out;
We must try not to shout.
Don't want any tears...
But what about the fears?
They seem so very dirty
Some of them might hurt-y
And what about the stench?
What about the wrench...
when I have to leave?
(though one guy makes me heave)
Well, despite all their faults
and despite all the jolts
Each is just a friend
to stop me going round the bend!



Mixing with strangers


   Bad Language?
It grates on the ears.


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