Guilt, shame and unworthiness feelings can lead to low self-esteem, chronic anxiety, depression, difficulty in sleeping

Unresolved Guilt & shame from the past also leaves us vulnerable to "taking on" other people's
arrogance, bitterness, control, hatred or negativity in the present
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Toxic Shame & Low Self-Esteem
...symptoms of emotional/spiritual wounds i.e. Soul-Loss

toxic shame leads to guilt emotion and low self-esteem















    They said  "It's true!"  so it must be so.
    I was just a kid,
    so how could I know?

    That I am worthless,
    steeped in shame,
    despicable wretch
    and full of blame.

    Didn't do things right,
    didn't do as told
    was far too independent
    and far too bold.

    I needed to learn
    and not to yearn
    accept 'their' truth
    not trust my youth.

    Adults' rules
    were treasured jewels
    If they didn't feel right
    that was me "not bright".

    If I bucked the trend
    then my ways must mend.
    Inappropriate desire?
    I become cheat and liar.

    It was black and white
    and all very simple...
    Learn right from wrong
    or be an ugly pimple

    Feeling, needs, instinct
    must be repressed
    - replaced with guilt
    if I want to be blessed.

    Unacceptable behaviour
    (whatever the flavour)
    means I am bad,
    sick, loathsome or mad.

    So now I'm screwed up,
    incompetent, inefficient,
    inner conflicts
    self-doubt, perdition

    blocks, indecision,
    chronic anxiety
    constant worry
    undue sobriety

    Trouble sleeping,
    lack of brightness,
    rarely playful,
    muscular tightness

    (lots of worries)
    fearful consequences
    leads to "hurries"

    It's a dismal tale
    but all's not lost.
    Self-discipline gained,
    though at a cost

Now's time for healing, love and joy
- time to let go that conditioning cloy*!


from  © Michael Meredith 2002
* cloy = an unpleasant excess of something which is good in smaller doses


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Guilt & Shame
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