Driven by anxiety, desperation or desire, our stress creates impatience, aggravation & frustrated behaviour. Relationships suffer and we deny ourselves the nourishment of peace


Stress arising from driven-ness leads to impatience and frustration Demanding behaviour stress cartoon

I want my way!
...a story of human frustration

stressed by rushing from task to task

over-controlling behavior stressfull control freak

stressful controlling behaviour

I want my way! 
and I want it now!
Don't tell me "Later"
Don't ask me "How?"

Just get it done
And make it quick
Make it run
and be real slick

I just can't wait
I'm in a rush
Don't be late
and don't tell me "Hush!"

No time to queue
No time for loo
Just fix it now
I'm counting on you

I'm in a hurry
No time to lose
"Just grab any!"
(no time to choose)

I have a vision
of perfect peace
but it's in the future,
here only dis-ease

What's needed is action
There's things to fix.
Only then relaxin'
and social mix

What price agitation?
What cost desperation?
My panic is king!
My fear is on wing!

My errors abound
My wisdom? - not found.
Life's chaotic scuffle
My feathers a-ruffle

Hurly and Burly
Hassle and bustle
My vision is murky

"All right, so what if I am impatient? - Just get a bl**dy move on!"

[from  © Michael Meredith 2002]


cognitive emotional psychology of aggravated behavior and frustration
Aggravation, Frustration & Impatience

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The main problem in being overly-determined to have things our way is that we have only a limited vision of what our best interest might be. When it comes to the best interest of other people, our vision is even more limited!

Our vision is limited because it can only draw on our past (limited) experience, plus our imagination and personal qualities. This is why a skilful team usually produces superior plans and ideas than a single individual, no matter how good.

Sometimes we do not know what is best for us and for others, or we only consider short-term benefits and not "the big picture". Being open, sensitive and responsive to the criticisms, ideas, pressures and visions of others, and to the world in general, is the essence of "living in harmony". Success and happiness is more likely to come from living and working harmoniously than from narrowly relying on our personal viewpoint and ideas.
Wanting "our own way" easily leads us into "disappointment & frustration"


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*Low self-esteem leads to "driven" behaviour!



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