Hospitalization can be an experience of being comforted and "cared for".
However, there it can also be an experience anxiety and depression - in common with many situations where we have less control over our lives than is comfortable and where there is a loss of our normal activities and routines. There may also be pain, disability or uncertainty to cope in connection with our medical problem.
A miserable hospitalisation experience can produce a miserable, demanding or "difficult" patient. If this produces an aversive reaction in hospital staff, the vicious circle of "ward stress" may become established, where negative feelings in staff and patients become mutually sustaining.

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Coping with Hospitalisation


      express those feelings! ...



  Impatient Patients
Waiting, waiting, waiting
What a way to waste my life
Precious moments fleeting by
Fleeting only with a sigh
... Gone forever!


    Hospital Staff
  They're always very busy
  Often in a "tizzie"
  Rushing about
  Seldom have time
  to exchange a line
  Seldom relaxed
  (in fear of being "axed")
  Jobs on the line
  Leaving on time
  World outside
  Calls them away
But we are always here
and still there's nothing clear!
The only one who knows...
has gone off shift.

        Never again!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Rather have two and make bl**dy sure!

    Waiting for discharge
    (my life to enlarge)
    When will it come?
    When will I be home?

    Not soon enough...
    Too many days to bluff
    My way through...
    Thinking of you...
    Of us being together...
    Of far sunnier weather!

Expressing our feelings creatively - in art, humour or poetry can be a healthy alternative to "wallowing".
Wallowing is where negative emotions drive negative thoughts, words and deeds. These negative thoughts, words and (destructive or insensitive) actions in turn tend to generate more negative emotions in both ourself and the people around us.


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