disgust and distaste are more than just emotional reactions
we react to bad experiences, gastronomic or otherwise, in a holistic way
involving characteristic behaviour patterns and body language



          express those feelings! ...



Hospital Food 

It's rough!
It's tough!
It's grotty!
It's knotty!
It comes in strands
It sticks to your hands
... and feet!
What about the meat?
It'll get you ... in a stew
It'll make you want to ... poo.
It'll give you ulcers
and food poisoning
Sam and Ella
Both died of it
(Chef didn't give a sh**)
Doesn't really matter?
All foods have a smatter?
Does you good?
Gets into your blood
Real overheated
Wish you hadn't eated
Vomit it up...
Catch it in a cup
Then drink it down
Now you're going to frown
Swirl it all about
Start to scream and shout
(rather starve to death)

* Salmonella & Campylobacter are foodborne disease bacteria

This short poem was written during a particularly miserable hospital stay in 1990.
Do you think I felt better after writing it?
You bet I did!
And.. .. I got to laugh again while making it into this quite expressive webpage.


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