Heartache is an alarming symptom of tightness or raw feeling which may easily be confused with an impending heart attack
but there is no physical pain, just a dull, heavy, constricted feeling around the heart but do get expert medical advice to ensure you are not suffering a coronary episode
unhealed emotional heart pain may eventually progress to physical problems
Heartaches - guilt, sadness, emotional wounds AF Aching heart - feeling constricting emotions

Emotions constricting the Heart
a distressing symptom of subconscious fear, self-hatred & unresolved grief









    Black tarry grief
    You flow like a river
    You're heavy and sticky
    And make my heart quiver
    For how can I live
    And how can I give
    When you stick to me like glue
    And I don't have a clue
    How to cleanse you away
    And live fully today

    My life squeezed in your vice
    Believe me, aint nice!
    I forever rue that day...
    That day I went away
    Sad and broken-hearted
    That day we were parted
    For now I am not whole
    My grief is black as coal
    Lying heavy on my chest
    And from it there's no rest!

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In this case, the constricting emotions were fear and guilt arising from an accumulation of sub-conscious self-resentments (negative beliefs and judgements about oneself). The roots (programming, training, conditioning) of such self-punishment often lie in childhood experiences where one or more adults were savagely critical. The underlying beliefs and judgements can be brought into the conscious mind by the techniques of cognitive therapy or shamanic healing.

When your heart is under strain it is advisable to have a medical check-up, and ask about the advisability of taking a mild anti-thrombosis drug such as aspirin, as a precautionary measure against coronary thrombosis if you are in an at-risk category.

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