Severe disappointment or a debilitating series of disappointments and setbacks can lead to a feeling of hopelessness - Doom and Gloom!
this could be just a step in a process of transformation...

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Feeling Doomed!

...can be a step towards healing        



Doom and Gloom




Misery and Depression




Doom and Gloom




Doom and Gloom




Doom and Gloom

I'm doomed! 
I'm finished!
There's no way out
No point in screaming
(not worth a shout)

I've 'had my chips'
I've burnt my boat
My enemies now
can strut and gloat

My life is over
My battle lost
I'll ne'er see clover
and must pay the cost

My toil is done
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
(not even inside)

No point going on
Task is hopeless!
Chance of rescue?
Friends are rope-less

All is finished!
All is over!
No more chances
- nowhere cover

All is lost
I have to pay.
Here's the cost
(I rue this day)...

Wall of blackness
No forward vision.
Only emptiness
with no revision

All is dead
and so am I...
numb and cold
- prepared to die!

What happens next?
I do not know
I've given up
- a bitter blow

So here I wait.
Come, finish me off!
Don't be late,
and don't be rough!

Do your worst,
I care no more,
I've given up,
I'm on the floor

Take me now
and make it quick!
(whingeing self-pity
makes even more sick!)

End my suffering!
Be humane!
Do it now...
quick and clean!

So why the delay?
Don't keep me waiting!
Your peace and calm
is so aggravating!

I'm getting real tired
of my inane ranting,
What's the point
if no-one's listening?

Do your stuff!
And do it now!
Polish me off!
Doesn't matter how

Well, where the hell are you?
Have you no compassion?

What's the point in quitting if no-one's going to feel sorry for me?
What on earth is the world coming to?
You can't trust anyone to act responsibly anymore
I suppose I'll just have to pick myself up and carry on then?
Well, I want you to know that I'm not happy about it!!
Self ! Self ! Self !  -  that's all people care about these days!

(from  © Michael Meredith 2002)

who spoiled my dream?





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Digging beneath the initial depression, we find a layer of self-pity - a distorted abberation of self-compassion and self-love which can easily lead to "victim" thinking. Perceptions of being a victim in turn can generate anger and aggression.

The self-pity is a dysfunctional attempt to attract fulfilment of unmet needs for love and support. If we stay stuck at the superficial levels of depression, self-pity, anger or aggression, we are in a state of mind, feeling and action which may further obstruct fulfilment of our need for love and support.

Depression leads to withdrawal from relationships and aggression repels people. However, pretending we do not feel this way, or trying to escape from these uncomfortable feelings can mean spending our lives under threat from them. Actually, the isolating effects of depression and aggression, can be a step towards healing. We have to learn to love ourselves and enjoy our own company before we can fully accept, enjoy and appreciate the love and companionship of others. We often need a teacher and guide to help us find the courage to confront unattractive feelings, the self-awareness to take control and the life skills to survive and learn from a self-perpetuating experience of fear, misery and isolation.


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