Wanting "our own way" often ends in disappointment & frustration,
but this may open the door to a far richer experience...


stress arising from driven-ness leads to impatience and frustration

...the birthplace of co-creation



Transform tears of disappointment - Creativity and Self-Empowerment - Work successfully through crying and screaming with Disappointment and Frustration

Disappointed and Frustrated - Who spoiled my dream? - confront Disappointment and Frustration - create success

Tears of disappointment

My dream has just died! 
My needs, unfulfilled.
Though I really, really tried
and powerfully willed

My heart? - pained and empty
My mind? - all confused
Did I do it all wrong?
Or was I abused?

Was I terribly neglected?
Starved of support rich-deserved?
Was I painfully rejected?
Were others un-nerved?

Were their promises empty?
Their hearts cold and hard?
Did I accidentally upset them?
Pierce them with shard?

Was I hopelessly useless?
Not really up to much?
Misguided or stupid?
Or just far too butch?

Either way, they've upset me
and I send them a curse..
"May plagues fall upon them,
rats, boils and much worse!"

I now wash my hands
of those ingratiate slobs
I co-operate no more
with ignorant yobs*.

Much better alone,
meet my own needs.
Not waste my time
on heroic public deeds

Yet somehow this course
feels empty and dark.
Unrequited love
for my creative spark.

Was it only a setback?
P'rhaps all is not lost?
I could  try again...
but what of the cost?

P'rhaps I'll try harder,
give it more of a "shove"!
Or try it more gentle,
with serenity and love.

Or else I'll be craftier,
use cunning and guile!
All will succumb
to my charm and my smile!

But I know it's no use,
for my dream was illusion.
Your feedback was clear...
a dream not of your choosin'

Time now to create
a vision fresh and new,
and if not too late...
owned by both me and you.

Unless of course you're stuck,
territorially, at your gate.
If power struggle's your truck,
we'll never co-create.

If this is our lot
(stuck in conflict real hot)
then it's time that I quit
and in happier place sit.

So, sad, I turn away
to find my next vision.
Will you say "Good riddance!"?
Will you laugh? Derision?

But you knock at my door,
or send a letter in the post.
You ask how I fare
and invite me for toast.

And a battered dream re-kindles,
now burnished by ire.
A golden dream of friendship
- sculpted out of fire.

Via disappointment made stronger,
more sophisticated, wild.
My crude selfish offering
has spawned a love-child.

(from  www.stress-counselling.co.uk  © Michael Meredith 2002)
* yob = stupid antisocial youth ('boy' backwards)


Creativity and Self-Empowerment - Work successfully through  Disappointment and Frustration - Formula for success
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*Severe or repeated disappointment may lead to:  Doom & Gloom!



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