When life seems like an endless, desperate & hopeless struggle - We can usefully re-focus!
"Suffering occurs when our illusions clash with reality" -   Anthony de Mello (USA   Canada   UK & Europe)


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desperation and constant non-stop struggling to survive

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Relief via Re-focussing!...

Bloody Hell!
Not doing well!
All is struggle and strife
Nothing works
'Pissed' on by jerks
When will I get a life?
Trying hard
Haven't moved a yard
Worked long hours
Took cold showers
All my life is!
Why all this
Manure & piss?
Planned it wrong?
Wasn't strong?
Bad intention?
None to mention
Did my best
Got no rest
No time to laze!
Pressure on
Feeling wan
Treats all off
Had enough!
Bills to pay
No chance to stray...
from path of work
Must not shirk!
- all my life is!
What's about?
[scream and shout]
What's to do?
[have another brew]
Oh yes, I know!
The call to "grow"
Leave behind 'no longer needed'
Time my garden was re-seeded!
But what to plant when nothing works!
Must I give up my little quirks?
How to generate bold new choices -
lifestyle where my heart rejoices?
All I have are dreams and fancies
Could they work? What are the chances?
What about an inner vision?
Sense of purpose - kind of 'mission'
In the midst of strain and din
I clean forgot to look within
External pressures - so distracting
Unmet needs can be exacting!
And as I toy with heart's desires
A passion and a courage fires
I touch a strength - determination...
energy source - even elation!
 Doubting voice is also there
"It couldn't work - Do take care!"
"Don't be such an idle dreamer"
"Do be practical! - not a schemer"
My vision certainly is not real
Yet it has energy I can feel
Visions are not a destination
But every journey needs a station
Starting point for new direction
Place to find that next connection!
Why batter at a closing door
when better things could be in store?
I thought my life was truly lost
But nothing's gone - just Re-focussed!!

© Michael J. Meredith 2000

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