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Feeling reasonably safe in the world lowers our anxiety levels

martial arts & self-defense training can also be a good way to learn self-discipline, self-respect & respect for others, particularly useful for anxiety, rage, tantrums or self-centred teenagers

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<<The Shaolin Temple, Henan Province, China



Review of "Wheel Of Life" show by The Shaolin Monks
Went to see the show live last night - it was amazing! What an inspiration to us all to practice a little more discipline in our lives! Amazing feats of physical agility, co-ordination and power. Most of the cast of the show are genuine monks from the Shaolin temple, ranging in age from 7 to 70. A few actors and musicians also take part - primarily in part of the show which illustrates a historic Shaolin legend.

It was nice to see that these powerful martial artists ("soldier monks") were also capable of great reverence and respect - to their 70 year-old master and to their spiritual path of Zen Buddhism. The show began and ended with the monks praying and meditating with a huge backdrop of the Buddha. These monks rise before dawn each day and spend much of the day in meditation, but they also believe in harmonising the mind and body - with the 1500 year old art of Shaolin Kung-Fu. Even for monks, the world can be a dangerous place and Shaolin monks have occasionally had to draw on the defensive capabilities of Kung Fu over the centuries.


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