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the stress of overwhelming demands and pressures can be very frightening

Overwhelmed by Stress? Overwhelming levels of desperate stress can be frightening experiences of feeling emotional desperation and panic


God grant me courage to face this week
of overwhelming tasks - I can barely speak
of the meagre resources at my disposal
to respond in measure to the week's proposal.


My heart is faint, my nerves are so shaky;
I'd rather run or hide just lately.


But face it I must - it's "Do or Die!"
Surely impossible - but I have to try!


My tears well up - I feel so empty,
small and weak, with troubles plenty.


But a light shines through: "What really matters?"
"Win or lose? Dreams in tatters?"


What really matters is only this...
human warmth, a loving kiss.
If someone cares, if I'm not alone,
if someone welcomes me to their home.
The rest is just a 'piece of piss'
when measured by a heart at bliss.


And when this yardstick's done its work,
I feel my courage upwards perk.
The tasks, once huge, are viewed more lightly...
with love I'm strong - and awfully mighty!

from  © Michael Meredith 2000



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