there are many ways of looking at stress and a correspondingly large number of definitions
here is a simple new way of looking at the varied manifestations of stress


advice and tips if you are susceptible to stress

Stress:  reduce your susceptibility!



*When stress overwhelms!

What is Stress?

"Stress is the state of mind, body, emotions and spirit that we experience when we do not want to be where we are"

"where we are" does not necessarily mean geographically where we are...
it might also mean "with what is happening" or "with how I am feeling"

In other words it is about being out of harmony (contentment) with what is happening at present in our life.

We all know what "being under stress" looks and feels like, but what does "not being under stress" look like?

Contrary to popular opinion, "not being under stress" does not necessarily mean "being in a resting nirvana-line state of bliss and contentment". For example, we may have destructive or aggressive needs which need some outlet - a safe healthy outflow of these energies can be non-stressful, or even very "stress-relieving". Contrary to some expert opinion, it does not mean just "coping" with life. It is also about filling "inner needs and drives", and also being "free and flexible" (i.e. not unduly attached to what is happpening - free to change and "flow" to something else)". This explains why "good things" can be as stressful as "bad things". We may be very happy to have lots of money, success, a nice home or a very attractive partner, but if we are afraid of losing these things, there will be a tendency to experience "stress" around them.

Benefits & Dangers of Stress

Benefits of moderate stress Dangers of excess!
Energy level increased Exhaustion
"aliveness" enhanced excessive demands become "deadening"
activity, immunity & metabolism increased health impaired
stimulates coping skills
& personal development
loss of confidence, self-esteem
& will to live



*when life becomes a desperate struggle!
*meditation and stress
*blaming oneself or others

Stress as a Source of Healing & Emotional Stability

Stress arises from our perceptions & emotional reactions to events & situations. This why different people will show different levels of stress in the same situation.

Subconscious memories of past traumatic experiences ("emotional wounds") are one major source of our stress reactions to later experiences. In high stress situations, related old 'wounds' are activated and emotional memories triggered. The potentially beneficial aspect of this is that the old memories become more accessible for healing. With experienced guidance the old traumas can be brought into conscious awareness and healed. Subsequently we are more resistant to stress because a source of our stress reaction has been removed.


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