a self-centering meditation poem for inner wholeness and peace of mind



  I like to be Centred

Centred  is great

Centred is in touch...

even when I'm late!

Centred  is in touch
with the basic rhythm of life
even in chaos and even in strife
All is Okay, normal, fine
Me and life's rhythms, we dance in line...
Dance the long-term cycles of change
Once full-accepted, they cease to be strange
Familiar cycles of bad times and good...
Rainbows of feelings that course in my blood

Centred in me and centred in life
Immune from disasters or feelings run rife
Voice very steady, gentle and calm
Anyone can see that I mean them no harm!

Detached, yet connected, that is my aim
Experiencing life in a gilded-edge frame
Sometimes I get scattered, off-balance, caught-up
Caught in a sticky web that the universe thought up

And it's such a relief, such a magnificent thing
To return again 'home' and feel my heart sing
As I let go worry and let go care...
Steal precious moments to wonder or stare

To drink in the beauty - without and within
Magic of coincidence, Naughtiness of sin
For it's all part and parcel of a wonderful world
Of peace, danger, drama and mysteries unfurled

No place for faint-hearted, no place for 'control'
Just a place where a man - can experience his soul!

© 2000 Michael J. Meredith, www.stress-counselling.co.uk

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