the prospect of growing old can be very daunting    
if we can face the challenge of ageing & age changes with grace & dignity    
we can grasp this opportunity to cultivate our inner beauty    

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poem of advice and tips on facing old age and surviving the ageing process

Facing Old Age
...can we face aging without fear & dread?





    Who will look after me   

    When I'm old and frail?

    Who will still love me
    When beyond the pale*?

    Who will caress my old furrowed brow?
    Who will sing songs and remind me of "now"?

    Who will love me, as much as before
    When I'm no longer useful, anymore?

    Who will touch my old wrinkled hand?...
    Hear my old wrinkled stories?...
    And tell me they're grand!

    Someone will still care
    Of that I am sure
    Someone will touch me
    With love that is pure

    Someone will sing to me
    In a clear maiden's voice
    Someone will listen
    Even tho' they've a choice

    She'll be a granddaughter
    Pretty and fair
    She'll have a song for me
    She'll have a care

    And old age will be blessed
    As much as my youth
    In fact it will be better!...
    'Cos I'll be less uncouth!

    from  © Michael Meredith 2000
    * Middle English word for a pole or stake, leading to this idiomatic usage referring to the boundaries within which one is privileged or protected



cope with problems of aging & growing old

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