If other people would just "shape up" and change for the better, your life would be OK - Right?

Unfortunately, our boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, lover, partner, spouse, relative, work colleague etc.
If we are lucky, the change we make in our lifestyle will catalyse change in others around us, but we cannot control that!

Inner Security - Peace of Mind - Natural Flow of Emotions

we can "have it all" in material terms:
money, possessions, status, relationships
but without peace of mind it means nothing!

Though surrounded by success and wealth, we can enjoy none of it without a sense of inner security and tranquility. Other people may imagine that we are living "the high life" and never suspect how miserable and empty we feel inside. We may even ourselves feel very guilty and unworthy for being plagued with fear, doubt, misery and dissatisfaction when we "have so much to be thankful for".

In truth, there can be no convincing or lasting feeling of well-being unless our internal 'unconscious' needs are satisfied as well as our 'conscious' external biological and material needs. In fact many people have discovered that when their 'internal' needs for security and fulfilment are met, their 'external' needs (for possessions, sex, wealth etc) are actually much less powerful - less demanding - bringing more ease and more flexibility and freedom of choice in how we spend our lives.

What is the catch?

The 'bad news' is that we require some kind of spiritual awakening - i.e. to see the world in a different and more meaningful way, and also to live our lives according to some related sense of 'spiritual values' and 'life purpose'.

Do I have to become a religious nut?

The 'good news' is that 'spiritual paths' come in infinite variety - ranging from the deep, disciplined and 'supernatural belief' ones to, at the other extreme, spiritual 'paths' which do not look at all like conventional religions and are quite 'down to earth', easy-going and personally customisable.

Somewhere there is a 'spiritual path' that is right for you, and when you find it, your heart will immediately feel lighter, you will feel less alone and your mind will begin to 'sparkle' with curiosity and interest. Some people believe that the only lasting solution to problems of 'mid-life crisis', 'burnout', alcoholism, depression, drug-dependency etc. is to find some form of healthy spiritual 'awakening'. Without this, we will repeatedly feel isolated and insecure, particularly as the supportive relationships and environments of the past disappear in this unavoidably constantly changing world. A suitable spiritual path can give us a sense of consistency, direction, meaning, purpose and self-worth in an otherwise chaotic, unstable and dangerous universe.

A word of warning!

A true and worthy spiritual path is one that provides us, within hours, days, or at the most a few weeks of joining it, with:

  • Increased communication and connection with others
  • Increased sense of self-worth
  • Reduced level of fear & anxiety
  • I would advise people to beware of any religious path which involves:

  • repeated feelings of inadequacy or low self-worth
  • 'clannish' separation from other human beings
  • encouragement of violence towards other sections of the community
  • loss of personal freedom & choice
  • *Spiritual Meditation Techniques: Transcend Ego & Access Soul Consciousness

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    Try a Little of the Spiritual Feast Right Now?

    What is a spiritual path like? How can it solve the problems of a troubled mind without filling your head with "gobbledegook" or "mumbo jumbo"? I would suggest you can begin by dipping your toe into the wisdom of one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. Although not suitable for everyone, Buddhism incorporates 5,000 years of human spiritual experience & wisdom - some of which is common to other spiritual paths and some of which is likely to be useful to you, even if you do not "swallow" the entire package.

    Book on The Art of Happiness and Buddhist Practices for Peace of Mind by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

    The Art of Happiness - A Handbook for Living

    by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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    *The Art of Meditation

    Audiotape on Buddhism Religion by the Dalai Lama

    "The Art of Happiness at Work" on CD

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    *Dalai Lama Video: "Spirit of Tibet" Reviews & Ordering details: USA   Canada   UK (Europe)


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