biological aspects of stress science and behavior in animal species, endocrinology, neurendocrinology, endocrine theories

The Biology of Animal Stress
Basic Principles and Implications for Animal Welfare

edited by
Dr. G. Moberg & Dr. J. A. Mench
Department of Animal Science, University of California, USA
Published in 2000
Hardback 384 Pages Approx price: US$100   UK£55




Students (advanced), teachers, consultants & researchers in animal science, stress management, veterinary medicine, zoology, applied ethology & applied psychology. The book gets quite technical and is heavily referenced.


The subjects of stress and animal welfare are currently attracting immense interest. This book brings together a range of perspectives from biomedical research (including human health and animal models of human stress) on stress and welfare, and assesses new approaches to conceptualising and alleviating stress.


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