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~ Digital Sound Effects! ~

If you hear breaking glass on downloading this page, your computer is equipped to hear sounds in the .wav digital file format

.WAV digital sound files are easily recorded and can be played on most computer sound systems
but lack sound quality and have large file sizes.
Here are some more .wav format sound effects recordings of common farm animal, people and fireworks noises....

*Halloween & Haunting    *Fireworks    *Pigs grunting    *Real Pigs singing!     *Thunder    *Siren    *Gunfire
*Farmyard sounds - Cows moo, Sheep bleats Turkey gobbles: Animals on organic farm

Quality sound effects and Music files are often too large to be conveyed in the .wav format
so midi (.mid) or MP3 formats have become popular

Here are some website pages with midi format sound effects....

*Yawning     *Dramatic music     *When Johnny comes marching     *Star Wars theme


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