The Sixth Sense of Humans and Animals
Research by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake


6th Sense - The Sense of Being Stared at And Other Aspects of the Extended Human Mind - human intuitionThe Sixth Sense of Humans and Animals by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake - Paranormal Intuitive skills

The Sense of Being Stared At
and other aspects of the extended mind
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake
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Sheldrake investigations of perceptions that don't seem to correlate to our known senses... a project that carries risks of which he is well aware ("[t]o go against this taboo involves a serious loss of intellectual standing, a relegation to the ranks of the uneducated"), and is careful to base his arguments on sustained research.

Using a database of more than 4,500 case histories of "apparently unexplained perceptiveness by people and by nonhuman animals," Sheldrake investigates a wide range of psychic phenomena, organizing his inquiries by specific media. One chapter covers "Telephone Telepathy," whereby one can be thinking of a person who then calls or can "actively induce" someone to call. He also covers cats who rush to the phone when it is their owner on the line, but of particular interest are the studies and anecdotes presenting evidence of other sorts of telepathic or psychic communication between children and parents, as well as the tales of dreams and visions that seem to have predicted the tragic events of September 11. Some of the material fails to convince (such as the woman who says her husband can sense the correct Trivial Pursuit answer if she thinks about it), and some readers may wish that Sheldrake had more fully dealt with selective memory and retrospective narration where details are unconsciously embellished. Nevertheless, the title chapter is extremely convincing, dealing with those moments in which we "know" someone is looking at us, and turn around to find it to be so: Sheldrake has data on response rates that differ as to place, gender and type of gaze (curiosity, sexual desire, anger, etc) and goes on to devote a whole chapter to "Surveillance and Wariness." Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.

Mysterious communication powers of pet dogs - canine paranormal intuitionMystery telepathic power of animals - 6th sense paranormal intuitive skills of pet dogs

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home
And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

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Many pet owners will be familiar with the 6th sense phenomena that Rupert Sheldrake investigates. We all know of cases of dogs and cats who know when their owners are coming home, who go to wait at the door or window 10 minutes or more before their human owner arrives back. Conditioned by the tight rigor of contemporary scientific thinking, we either look for rational explanations or we file the phenomenon away in our minds as "unexplained" and are careful not to talk about it with our scientist friends. Sheldrake has shown in the past that he is not afraid to be labeled a rebel, thanks to his theory of morphic resonance, which suggests the following:

Natural systems, or morphic units, at all levels of complexity are animated, organized, and coordinated by morphic fields, which contain an inherent memory. Natural systems inherit this collective memory from all previous things of their kind by a process called morphic resonance, with the result that patterns of development and behavior become increasingly habitual through repetition. Sheldrake believes that the "telepathy" intuitive relationship between pets and humans, or between flocks of birds or schools of fish that move as a single organism, can be explained this research theory. Sheldrake is less persuaded by anecdotes that suggest animal clairvoyance--warning of something in the near future - but refuses to disallow the possibility. Dr. Sheldrake accepts that the case histories he details so thoroughly in this book are anecdotal, but that makes them no less real; and as a scientist himself he sets up experimental conditions for studying this previously ignored phenomenon that show beyond any doubt that the phenomenon exists. He castigates traditional scientists for their refusal to countenance anything that doesn't fit in with their existing paradigms (or prejudices) and challenges them to come up with some more "acceptable" explanation.


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