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The Stress-Scream Monitoring & Recording Unit ®

developed at the
Research Unit for Behavioural Physiology
Dummerstorf Forschungsinstitut für die Biologie landwirtschaftlicher Nutztiere
(Research Institute for the Biology of Farm Animals, Dummerstorf, Germany)

Experienced stockpersons become skilled at recognising and responding to the distress sounds emitted by farm animals in adverse situations. However, there are times when the stockperson cannot be present in the swine barn and would find it useful to have a remote warning device to notify of stressful events.

A new device, called STREMODO® has been developed to monitor the sounds occurring in pig buildings or transport vehicles and provide early detection and warning whenever the animals come under stress.

The monitoring system is based on a sound recording with mathematical analysing and processing of the sound frequencies and amplitude. The device detects and warns of a specific frequency spectrum associated with distress vocalization of hogs.
The system is intended to give hog producers an early of stressful experiences occuring to the pigs, so that action can be taken before the welfare of the pigs and the economic viability of the swine farm enterprise is unduly compromised.
It might also be used in pork quality assurance schemes - data could be made available to reassure consumers that their pigmeat comes from low-stress farm sources.

Behaviourist, Professor Gerhard Manteuffel, has kindly made the following publications available here for ethologists and others who would like more information (the documents open in a new window)...

*STREMODO summary (RTF)       *STREMODO Research data (PDF 442kb)       *STREMODO Technical data (Powerpoint 423kb)


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