a workshop-format training course in how to transform stress into:
creative ideas - behaviour "joined up" with ideas - improved performance - higher motivation - wiser decision making


stress management training workshops

Stress Management
2-hour, half day or full-day workshops




*Training open to Anyone: Public Stress Management Workshops in UK


outline of our basic Stress Management workshop (customised versions also available)


Warning! the standard short version of this workshop does not include "palliative" or "coping" approaches to stress management - instead it focusses on transforming stress into healing, improved performance, increased motivation and workteam harmony. The scope of these stress seminars and workshops is holistic. The style of presentation is experiential, interactive and participatory, rather than "lecturing" or "academic knowledge" about stress.


Why the Holistic Approach to Stress Management?

Stress is perceived in the mind, suffered in the human spirit, experienced via the emotions, expressed in behaviour, and "held" in the body. These workshops provide training and practical experiences at all levels: mind, body, spirit, behaviour, perceptions.

Course Tutor: Dr. Michael Meredith


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These stress management workshops or others (e.g. conflict management - meditation - reflective practice) can be presented to your company, organisation or leisure group.

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