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Disturbed Sleep - Sleeplessness - Sleep Disorders
Saliva Hormone Test Kits Measure Melatonin (sleep hormone) Level

An imbalance of stress hormones or of the sleep hormone Melatonin can contribute to a vicious cycle of stress and insomnia.
Abnormal hormone levels and patterns can be an underlying cause of sleepless nights and daytime sleeping disorders.

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Natural Solutions for Sleep DVD
by Dr. James Rouse & Rodney Yee

Health Solutions for Sleep DVD by Dr. James Rouse, Rodney Yee

Sleeplessness can seriously impact your health and qualify of life - but you can give your body what it needs to address the underlying causes of sleeplessness and maintain healthy sleep cycles. With both quick-relief remedies and lasting solutions, The Health Solutions for Sleep DVD is a complete program you can tailor to your individual lifestyle to help you get to sleep more easily and restore deep, restful sleep every night.

Naturopathic physician and certified fitness instructor Dr. James Rouse guides you through relaxation and breathing techniques, self massage and other practical quick-relief remedies for times when you're having trouble sleeping. Restorative yoga with renowned expert Rodney Yee helps balance day and night energy so you can sleep better every night and feel rejuvenated every morning. And Dr. James shows you insight on creating a restful environment, plus foods that help rebalance natural sleep hormones.

The DVD includes an in-depth guidebook with frequently asked questions, a simple checklist to help remedy sleeplessness when it strikes, a quick-reference list of helpful stress-management foods and nutrients, and a complete 7 Day menu plan with recipes to help you incorporate sleep-friendly foods into your life.

A complete program that's easy to tailor to your personal lifestyle!

  • Short-term Solutions for immediate relief with breathing, self-massage and yoga
  • Long-term Solutions for a sleep-supportive lifestyle through conscious preparation
  • Practical Guidance with A.M. and P.M. yoga practices and nutritional planning

    Includes 16 page guide, 7-day menu and yoga with renowned yogi Rodney Yee!

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    "Stay Young the Melatonin Way" by Dr. Steven Bock
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    Measurement of Saliva Stress Hormone Levels

    The human body copes with stress with the aid of two main hormones, DHEA and cortisol. An imbalance of these forces puts your body at a great disadvantage for handling the sometimes-overwhelming feelings brought on by stress. Disturbed hormone levels can be an underlying factor in fatigue or high blood pressure.

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