• September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in USA
  • 7 July & 21 July 2005 London suicide bombings
  • October 2001 Anthrax letter bomb attacks in U.S.A.
  • The world ends in 2012 "Ascension" prediction
  • The U.S.-led "war against terrorism"
    have combined to make the world a more terrifying place
    What can we do about this?
  • The terror of being overwhelmed with fear, threats to personal safety, job threats, work overload

    psychology - physiology - control



    *Definitions of anxiety, fear, worry, panic & terror

    In highly threatening situations our anxiety increases, with 3 main consequences:

    Controlling the Effects of Terror:
    Heart rate and blood pressure and Acute Stress hormone responses can be reduced by autogenic and breathing techniques. Repeated exposure (with appropriate support for constructive coping) to frightening situations results will also progressively reduce reactivity.
    Distortion of Perceptions reduces as physiological responses are reduced, but often requires a mental effort also to "let go", "de-focus", "gain perspective". The first step is to become aware that physiological effects of the perceived danger are "feeding back" negatively onto our quality of perception of how real and important the threat is. Even if the threat is very real, if there is mothing we can do about it, we might choose to widen or change our focus of attention.

    *Poem about "Re-focussing"

    An approach to stress called "perception-focused coping" focusses on correcting:

    *Psychology and management of fear & terror: resources

    *Terror as an Experience of Extreme Soul-Loss

    The ultimate terror relief strategy!

    There is a saying in Yoga...
    "LET GO - LET GOD"
    Echoed of course that wonderful stress-busting popular (Beatles) ballad...
    "When I find myself in times of trouble... "LET IT BE" ...there will be an answer..."
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