School can be a very stressful place with problems of stress from bullying, homework, relationships or exams!
advice and tips on dealing with chronic long-term stress and stressful situations

Stress in School
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Stress Management Program for High School Student

Stress Management Programme for Secondary School Students

This resource pack by Sarah McNamara is for teachers to use in classrooms to help students combat stress. As well as the theory of coping better with stresses, it includes photocopiable worksheets. The pack covers the following areas: preparing for exams; learning study skills; building self-confidence and self-esteem; coping with relationships and family problems; and diet and exercise issues. The information is presented in an accessible way and there are plenty of follow-up activities and strategies for coping. Everything is geared towards making it readable and interesting for young people but it never loses sight of the needs of the curriculum.
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