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1. Rest & Relaxation
vital strategies to survive and heal stress!




  Our mind and body have a great inner wisdom about what they need, but under great stress our (normally useful) logical mind & will-power may drive us to over-ride the life-preserving signals of constant or growing weariness.

  Our mind may be leading us astray when it says:
    "I know I need a rest! - but how can I? - in this situation of (yyy) when there is a danger of (xxx)?"

When your mind says this, try replying:

Stress exhaustion is a grave danger to our health - it depresses the immune system which protects us against diseases and cancers, and stress exhaustion is a major factor in mental illness.

  Another mental delusion of stress exhaustion is when you say:
    "Yes, I will have a rest, just as soon as I get (zzz) sorted out - I can't relax with that hanging over me!"
The harsh truth is that because we are becoming increasingly inefficient, we are never going to get to the end of our "must do now!" list - crises will develop faster than we can deal with them. Try saying to yourself:

Although this is true enough, it is not the whole truth, and we know it. In our heart of hearts we know that, even after a rest, we will probably still be struggling, this is because of another thing we need to consider AFTER we have had a rest or taken a break...

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