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Mindfulness (Present Moment Awareness) Can Rescue Us
When 4 Common Lifestyle Choices have Become Troubled

Mindfulness & Lifestyle Choices: Presence Rut Mindless Obsessed Struggling

Unfortunately there is no secular or spiritual lifestyle which will sustainably "give us everything"
but from moment to moment we can make informed choices whenever we access Mindfulness ["Presence"]

MINDFULNESS (aka Presence or Groundedness) is a quality of human consciousness
characterized by an accepting awareness of, and enhanced attention to, the constant stream of lived experience.

Being MINDFUL increases engagement with the present moment [groundedness]
and allows for a clearer understanding of how thoughts, impulses and feelings can impact our health, well-being
and fulfilment [effectiveness, creativity, self-actualisation, connectivity & productivity]

Our Mind-Created sense of "Who I Am" (self-identity, personality) is the main source of our insecurities and issues! Step out of the big drama of "Me and My Life" to find a more secure sense of who you are...

How??.......In STILLNESS we discover who we REALLY are, and can then REDUCE our exhausting and time-consuming games of analysing, labelling, judging and controlling the world around and inside us. We then experience "simply being" - in this experience ["PRESENCE"] we find the peace, stability, beauty, wonder, magic, joy and love that our mind can never give us!

Why reduce your life to either 'AUTOPILOT LIVING' or 'THOUGHTS & OPINIONS ABOUT THINGS'? These can never bring you the deep, fulfilling and sustainable joy and fulfilment that you yearn for. Only through physically, emotionally, spiritually and sensually living in the full flow of the present moment can your passionate and loving heart be warmed, your soul nourished, and your life's purpose found and fulfilled!

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