rest and relaxation vital for relieving stress symptoms

Let Go & Re-focus!
Vital strategies to survive and heal stress!


This is the most vital step of all when we are exhausted from constant stress!


The two basic messages of stress exhaustion are:

* We have been putting too much energy into something(s) that's not worth it
* We have too few things in our lifestyle that provide us with nourishing energy to "recharge our batteries"

Which draining activities MUST you NOW let go of?
Which energising activities MUST you NOW do more of?

Poem about "Re-focussing"

Unfortunately we often "cannot see the wood for the trees" in making these decisions, we often need the insight of a trusted friend, partner, therapist or stress expert. For example, sometimes we drain ourselves by doing too much analysing or controlling of situations, or we put too much effort into gathering information before making a decision or feeling at ease.
We might be doing too much role-playing, instead of expressing how we really feel, or we might be taking life too seriously.
Our mis-judgements and misperceptions can be very clear to other people, but we can be quite blind to them.

An approach to stress called "Perception-focused coping" focusses on correcting our:

More energy in our lifestyle can come from just being more relaxed, friendly and spontaneous - "lightening up", or perhaps taking more exercise.

There is a saying in Yoga...



*Letting go of energy-draining false self-esteem


And of course that wonderful stress-busting popular (Beatles) ballad...

When I find myself in times of trouble... "LET IT BE" ...there will be an answer...etc
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*The Balanced Effort concept

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