advice and suggestions for dealing with acute overwhelming emotional or stress crisis;
it is very easy to get into a vicious circle of panic and low self-esteem when we feel that we are being overwhelmed

advice and tips to handle and deal with acute emotional or stress crisis situations

Stress Crisis!
...don't let it blow up in your face!

Tips to cope and deal with overwhelming danger, threat, anxiety, anger, despair or panic

Warning! Please seek professional advice [see below for some stress management services advertising] to ensure that information is used wisely!
the general suggestions given here are no substitute for common sense & individual skilled help from a counsellor, healer or medical practitioner who you trust

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what you are doing!
Overwhelming feelings of stress or panic are often a warning to desist from current action! If at all possible, withdraw from the action, situation, place and (possibly) the people you are with. A chance to control the deteriorating/escalating response to the situation you are in.
BREATHE! Overwhelming emotions immediately either inhibit, or over-stimulate, our healthy breathing pattern, disturbing brain chemistry Focus your attention on breathing slowly and deeply, visualise your breath coming in at the nose, swallowed down to your stomach, then passing up the front of the body and out at the mouth Conscious slow & deep breathing reduces our mental over-reaction and stabilises brain oxygen and carbon dioxide levels
FOCUS on beauty or safety! Emotions are driven by our mental processes & reactions Find a beautiful or familiar safe object (flower, painting, ornament, tree etc) or friendly safe person to focus vision (attention) on. Changing the focus of our attention onto something safe and familiar brings overwhelming feelings under control.
MOVE! Movement, especially when combined with deep slow breathing and singing or self-expressive sounds, interrupts self-sabotaging thoughts and shifts body chemistry into a calmer, healthier and more resourceful direction. Walk, run, dance, go to the gym or lie on the floor and thrash around. Moan, groan, sigh or find somewhere you can scream without upsetting anyone. Follow the natural energy of your experience to dissipate distress.
DESTROY! Safely release frustrated, angry or destructive feelings by finding things to bash, kick or tear-up e.g. cardboard boxes, or take bottles down to the bottle bank to smash. Cathartic Stress Relief can quickly release tension, calm disturbing thoughts and discharge potentially dangerous impulses. Follow the natural energy of your experience to dissipate distress.
SLEEP!! If you cannot sleep, or your sleep is frequently disturbed, go and see a Doctor NOW to get temporary adive and help. Deep restful sleep is absolutely essential for being at our most resourceful to deal with any problem or crisis. A Doctor can also check you over to see that there is no underlying medical problem.
NOTICE your power! Fear of losing control or being powerless forms part of our overwhelming emotional crises Notice how you are able to reduce your crisis by taking the above very simple positive action steps. Noticing how you are able to ease this crisis restores your sense of control & perspective
SOLVE the problem! Short periods of stress are a part of living life to the full and mostly we suffer no health damage. When the SAME stress is persistent or repeated we are at risk of suffering health, performance and relationship problems. Draw up a Stress Reduction Action Plan
Get Some Here & Now Healing
Solving our stress problems builds self-confidence and self-esteem.
Learn & Grow! "Adapt to Survive" is the basic rule of evolution! To thrive in this world despite the challenges of ageing and changing circumstances we need to face and master our current challenges. Use the "Reflective Practice" approach and/or take some Lifeskills Training Courses Prevention is better than cure!

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Handle emotions and stress in stressful situations to feel more powerful and have sense of personal control - Anthony Robbins

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