dietary aids and healthy eating to reduce stress and depression

4. Eat Healthy!...
"We become what we eat!"


There is something about the chemical and psychological changes in stress that draws us "like a magnet" - to "junk foods"!

Why is this a really serious problem? Well, we easily get into vicious circles where complacent, ignorant, stress-driven or depression-driven eating habits overload and undermine functioning of the body and brain with unhealthy chemicals, cholesterol, saturated fats, toxic products of harmful colon bacteria etc. etc. Physical and mental deterioration in turn lead to more harmful dietary habits.

The composition of our body, its healing power, disease resistance and its level of efficiency are all a reflection of what and how we eat.

The body is constantly replacing itself - in fact it is totally renewed (even our bones) every seven years - a great opportunity exists therefore to "undo" past dietary indiscretions.

Two powerful ways to boost performance and vitality levels through diet are:

When we are "burnt out" with low energy, it is crucial to:

  • eat a healthy balanced diet, in modest quantities
  • allow time for eating slowly and chewing well
  • rest physically, and if possible, mentally, after a meal to allow healthy digestion - the motility and secretions of our digestive tract are greatly impaired when we are under stress - give them all the help you can
    Remember that:
    • digestion of high fat foods or >4 ounces (120 G) of meat drains us of energy
    • inefficient digestion drains us of energy
    • fruit, salads, fresh vegetable & fruit juices are energising foods
    • going to bed within 2 hours of a meal impairs digestion & reduces quality of sleep.


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