Compassion and Tenderness for relief of stress effects

2. Compassion & Tenderness
gentle self-healing powers
that turn stress & burn-out around




  When we are weary from constant unremitting stress, our low spirits may lead us to waste further energy and lower our self-esteem by indulging in thoughts, words or actions that wallow in blame (of oneself or others), hatred, recrimination ("if only..." "...should have...") self-pity or resentment.

  This energy can more profitably be directed towards feeling some compassion and tenderness for ourselves at this time of great suffering. Whether or not we (or others) have "done things right" is not the point.

The point is that we and others did the best we could given our state of wisdom and awareness at the time. There may be things to learn from the experience (see below) but this need not get in the way of those two great energisers:  forgiveness and understanding!


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