The birds of worry & sorrow fly over your head - this you cannot change!
that they build nests in your heart - this you can prevent!

Ancient Chinese Proverb

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"Return to Innocence" by Enigma

Love - Devotion - Feeling - Emotion
Don't be afraid to be weak
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence.....

The journey of intuitive massage is a journey of unlearning and letting go - creating a simple, child-like, innocent receptive place within ourselves wherein the gentle soft voice of our intuition can speak to us. This powerful and inspiring piece of spiritual music captures the passionate, but humble, deeply human and moving experience of connecting to one's deepest intuition.
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Intuition is Essential for Healthy Intimate Relationships

My intentions are good - I use my intuition
It takes me for a ride
But I never understood other people's superstitions
It seemed like suicide
And as I play the game of life
I try to make it better each and every day
And when I struggle in the night
The magic of the music seems to light the way
Ahhh, Intuition takes me there
Intuition takes me everywhere
Well my instincts are fine
I had to learn to use them in order to survive
And time after time confirmed an old suspicion
It's good to be alive.....

The light and jaunty energy of this interpretation of a John Lennon' original, reminds us to stay light and nimble when accessing our intuition and when undertaking intuitive massage. The often light and capricious nature of intuition is cheerily conveyed in both the words (above is a sample) and music.
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Many of us pride ourselves on our intuitive - and even psychic - powers. However, a certain amount of self-doubt and self-critical approach can also be useful and healthy. Sometimes "gut fears" from trauma memories get confused with "gut feelings" that are genuine intuition. Likewise imaginative "flights of fancy" can be confused with spiritual receivings. Let's not fall into the trap of believing that everything that comes into our head by non-rational means must be true - that is the slippery path of self-deception and even madness. Discrimination is an important spiritual quality that can require an investment of time, energy and sometimes a "wait and see" tolerance of uncertainty.

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