Shamanism: Native American Rain Dance

Chanting for Self-Empowerment + Spiritual Support/Guidance in the face of Impending Disaster

Rain Dances are found all over the world in indigenous peoples and date back into the mists of time. Prolonged lack of rain raises desperate fears for crops and survival over the coming winter. Helplessness in the face of natural disasters breeds depression, which in turn creates apathy, susceptibility to disease and failure to take whatever practical steps can usefully be taken to aid survival. So it was natural for pre-literate, low-technology communities to turn to their priest/healer shamans for help.

Rain Dances have been used for wider purposes than simply praying to the Gods/Goddesses/Spirits for rain. Their transformative power [on an inner level if not also on an outer level] has been harnessed to help resolve [or at least feel better about!] a wide range of desperate or needy situations.

In contemporary shamanic practice it seems practically and spiritually unlikely that the desires of a small group of people can shift hugely powerful natural dynamics, let alone be really sure that they do not need to experience the lessons and human population control that natural disasters can bring. However, we believe that the frustrated energy of our fears and desires needs to move and be transformed in the interests of our health, wellbeing, community-support and practical resourcefulness. How better than via the spirited communal chanting and dancing of our heartfelt desires in a sacred format that connects us deeply to our spiritual resources?

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BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Interview May 2011

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"We cannot solve the problems we have created with the same thinking that created them"
(Albert Einstein)

Native American Rain Dance in Bar Hill featured on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Andie Harper Show

Interview May 23rd 2011 - Michael Meredith, Lenice Crane, Alexandra Weyman

Included White Sage Smudging, Seven Directions Ceremony, Rain Dance Drumming/Chant & Native American Flute Playing

Preview clip of the interview...

In Contemporary Shamanism we do not believe that we can influence weather patterns but we do believe that "keeping up our spirits" and giving physical expression to our frustrations and desires is a key part of a healthy, holistic and resourceful lifestyle - a lifestyle in which we seek to live in respectful harmony with the forces of nature and to find sacredness in everyday life.

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