A metaphysical view of the destruction of 7 million farm animals in the United Kingdom in 2001
as a measure to control an epidemic of foot and mouth disease
At least 6 million of these animals were on farms that were not even infected!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!"

Carmen Lawitzke
Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner

Canine Underwater Treadmill LLC


   Healing Touch for Animals

As a therapist offering Healing Touch to Animals, I have been asked over and over how I feel about the Foot & Mouth crisis.

I reply I don't see it as a crisis rather I feel honor and Deep Gratitude to the animals I believe are offering us a sacred gift. Let me explain what I know to be True...

Animals are magnificant teachers, much wiser than we. I believe they work hand-in-hand with Spirit to translate messages and teach us Earth lessons.

Spirit is very loving and gentle and tries to teach us in ways we will most likely be successful however, we don't always "get it" the first time. When this happens we go into remediation class and are offered the same lesson in a different format. If again we don't get it, another tactic is tried. To us humans lessons can appear to get more and more severe, this is because Spirit is relentless. It's mission, as any teacher's, is to teach and it will use any means available. Once we learn the lesson, we graduate to the next. If we die before we learn, we come back with that lesson as one of our Earthly missions. Earth is simply a classroom with pre-agreed lessons to be learned by each of us.

The animals understand this is how it works. I believe the animals have for a long time, been trying to remind us what we used to know - that they are willing to sustain us with their bodies ie. meat but only if we treat them with dignity and respect. They have always offered their meat to each other and to the ancient cultures.

I believe the animals have decided to try once more to get our attention regarding this matter. They are trying to get our attention by leaving in mass. I really think the animals have figured out that martyrdom is the best way to get our attention. It's one of the methods used by other Master's ie. Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King etc. The loving act of martyrdom deeply impacts us. It is practiced by Beings with totally open heart chakras. Animals and Masters have that. I commonly meet domestic animals who help their owners by absorbing harmful physical and emotional energies in the home. Often these animals die as a result of helping their human companion. I believe this is what the whales, dolphins, Africian animals etc. used martyrdom to raise our consciousness just as Jesus etc. did. For the animals, it has resulted in a booming tourist industry that protects them. I think the tactic the farm animals are using is the same - to leave is mass as martyrs, get our attention and have us protect them like we do the other animals.

The farm animals first offered to remind us to treat them with respect via BSE, but we didn't "get it" so they tried to increase our awareness via Salmonella, we "didn't get it"; then E. coli 0157, again we were "thick"; now they're using an odd strain of Foot & Mouth. The animals have made an agreement to teach us and as any responsible teacher, will only stop when the lesson is learned.

I find it very interesting and am deeply honored that this time the animals have chosen the humans in England as their prime pupils. We would not have been chosen if we weren't ready, for "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I think we are being told that the Lightbody work we are doing here is impacting and being recognized on a Universal level. I believe we are being recognized as ready to learn and are being rewarded with the opportunity to rise above the old way of working with the animals hence, Earn the right to graduate into higher Ascention Status. But beware - with learning there are tests....

Fear and Drama are the tools used to test our learning. They are not the tools of Spirit. There can be fear and drama around any lesson, to include Foot & Mouth. Part of the lesson here (and in all lessons) is to "see" what is happening in a peace-full manner. This is how Masters interrupt and live through Earth lessons. They trust, as we must, that all is in Divine Right Order and Divine Right Time. Animals also live in this reality and so do children. We can too.

Our peace-full support of these events will set an example for those who are afraid today and in days to come. Our love and gratitude to the animals will support the choice they have made. They have chosen and are acting on what they believe to be the most effective way to help us learn. They have volunteered to leave the planet by sacrificing themselves for the betterment of us and their future generations. I'm very proud and humbled by them and hope you are too.

They are magnificant teachers, are you a ready pupil?


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