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Cookery book  from Jamie Oliver
"Happy Days with the Naked Chef"

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Cookery Expert Chef Jamie Oliver's cooking skills, recipes guide

The Naked Chef

by Jamie Oliver

Review of this first book classic from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver's first book accompanies his BBC TV series of the same name which is due to start in April. It is a must for everybody. His recipes are delicious and, more importantly, simple to make. Whether you enjoy cooking or you've never really had a go, you will love Jamie's approach. The title THE NAKED CHEF refers to his 'strip it bare then make it work principle' whereby he encourages the reader to make great, modern food at home; no fuss, just fantastic results. He is passionate about ingredients and encourages his reader to shop around at markets for the best meat and fish and the freshest vegetables. He also steers clear of culinary jargon and time-consuming cooking processes. You will not be able to keep out of the kitchen once you have this book - even kitchen phobes will adore it! My favourite recipes in the book(although I love everything I have made so far from it) are: Slow-cooked Artichokes, Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, Thyme and Basil; Farfalle with Artichokes, Parmesan, Garlic and Cream; Seared Encrusted Tuna Steak with Fresh Coriander and Basil; and Simple Chocolate Tart. Out of all the cookbooks I have at home, this is the one I can see I will use time and time again. It is quite simply the best! I can't wait to see Jamie's TV series now - if the book is anything to go by then it is sure to be amazing.
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Naked Chef Takes Off TV cook book by Jamie Oliver

The Naked Chef Takes Off
by Jamie Oliver

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Reviews of books by British cookery expert Jamie Oliver

Review author: Dale Kneen,
There are a few television chefs like Delia Smith and Nigel Slater who know exactly what viewers want. They cook food which is simple to prepare, but looks and tastes delicious. That's probably the reason why the BBC has bagged Jamie Oliver as the presenter of its series "The Naked Chef". A working chef at London's celebrated River Cafe, Oliver cooks simpler versions of what you would find on the restaurant's menu. It's basically modern Italian food using ingredients which can be found by almost anyone who is reasonably interested in food shopping. Like the television show, the book is titled The Naked Chef. In Oliver's words, this sums up the idea: "It's basically stripping back to the bare essentials." He applies this to all his recipes--from salads to roasts, desserts to pastas. He doesn't use culinary jargon nor time-consuming processes. In the book you'll find suggestions for ingredients to keep in your larder and herbs to grow on your windowsill. Recipes include Warm Salad of Radicchio, Gem and Pancetta and Beetroot Tagliatelle with Pesto, Mussels and White Wine. There are also tips on how to cook live lobsters, how to make gravy, preparing pulses for cooking, and how to make the perfect roast chicken. Several photographs accompany some of the recipes, with step-by-step instructions. Oliver's recipes for bread are particularly good--a tribute to his training at Carluccio's, the Covent Garden deli. This is the perfect book for anyone who doesn't want to spend much more than half an hour preparing meals and is not willing to compromise on innovation and taste.

Review author:
Really fantastic!

I really loved the way that he cut right to the chase. There certainly is no messing about in his Kitchen. He writes about food the way that it is supposed to be written about, like something that you are going to eat. Not something that is going to be put in an art gallery, and fawned over by the many critics in this world.

Review author: from Haverhill,Suffolk

Worth it for the praline semi-freddo alone!!!! Brilliant! My husband has HAD to make this praline ice-cream every weekend since we bought the book. He makes 3 litres on Sunday and it's gone by Monday! I hope we will get round to the other recipes eventually. A must have for every bookshelf.

Review author:

This is the book we've waited for....look out here we come! Jamie Oliver's book was a must, following his current t.v. series. The enthusiasm he gives out on T.V. absolutely oozes out of the pages. I found myself thinking " I wouldn't have ever tried to make that" but Jamie's words make sense of everything and after reading a few recipes all I wanted to do was crush up the flavours in a pestle and mortar and get on with cooking. After watching him make Focaccia bread on the t.v. I followed his directions. Sadly Stage 2 of the bread recipe on page184 didn't turn out as I'd expect, but I will persevere once I've cleaned up my kitchen and scraped the dough off the walls! (He did say on your largest clean surface!) The whole book, from the introduction to the credits is a true example of the integrity, enthusiasm and honesty of this talented chap. Well done Jamie, you can cook me a meal anytime!
(Does anyone know where I can buy a decent pestle and mortar?).


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