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A Poem That Inspires Healing - The Poetry in a Moving ballad - Of This Land ballad from  Landmarks album on CD DVD or audiotape of Clannad music

How gentle was the breeze that surrounded the way.
How loud the seas roared on the four winds everyday.

Sharing gifts, wonderous gifts, from ancient long ago,
together they closed in the circles we know.

While we treasure all the secrets, with life's changing scenes,
where our hearts were warmed with love...
So much love!

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Celtic star designCeltic star designThe words above come from "Of This Land"
a beautiful poetic song by Celtic band Clannad (see below)...



Of This Land ballad on mystical CD DVD or audiotape of Clannad


The "Of This Land" ballad is available from the enchanting Landmarks album on CD DVD or audiotape of Clannad's music "Landmarks". For more details and to hear free sample tracks just click on one of these direct links to their CD:
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(all deliver world-wide)


More Celtic music from Clannad? - Click these links for an updated list:
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(all deliver world-wide)



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