Loving relationships - with ourself, others, our job, home, family, and even life itself
are the source so much human happiness
but when a relationship fails or ends, our heart aches with pain or sinks with the heaviness of disappointment.


Cure A Broken Heart? - Heal your Heartbreak!
How to Live & Love Again


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Whole heartedness - Healing our Heartbreaks Heal Your Heartbreak - How to Live and Love Again when your heart has been broken - by Chuck Spezzano

Heal Disappointment and Heartache
Learn how to cure a broken heart and return to life and love again
with these help advice links and highly therapeutic book from life and love therapist Chuck Spezzano...

UK edition: Whole Heartedness - Healing Our Heartbreaks
USA edition: Heal Your Heartbreak - How to Live and Love Again
Canada edition: Heal Your Heartbreak: How to Live and Love Again

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Summary of "Heal Your Heartbreak"

This easy to read textbook aims to provide practical wisdom on bringing our hearts to wholeness after the crippling effects of heartbreak. Written by Dr Spezzano, a therapist of 28 years, it describes the hell of a broken heart and how it can ruin our lives - leaving us feeling defeated, cynical and ready to repeat another sad relationship ending.

As with Mr. Spezzano's other book, this book has 111 lessons which examine potentially painful aspects of relationships, followed by exercises. Here are some titles from Mr. Spezzano's lessons or essays: "Betrayal," "Specialness," "Tantrums," "Self-Attack," "Being Right," "Only You Can Break Your Heart," "Heartbreak and Power Struggles," "Giving to Get," "Control - If You Love Me, You Will Do It My Way, "Manipulation - The Path to Heartbreak," "Fear and Independence," "Transformational Communication." Here's one example of the beginning on one lesson, "If you feel hurt, examine where you have been trying to take...".

This book isn't only for heartbroken lovers, partners, wives, husbands. "Heal Your Heartbreak" is for anyone in any kind of relationship (work, marriage, family, friend) who wants to heal a heart chakra energy block but don't quite know how to do it ... In other words, "Heal Your Heartbreaks" is for everyone.

Chuck encourages people whose heart has been broken to make good use of choices and provides the self-empowerment tools to change patterns so that broken-hearted men and women can enjoy life and love again. He also emphasizes that heartbreak is common to all of us - man or woman - in such a way that we are freed from pain through healing and understanding the pattern that brought us to this place of suffering. Above all, the book aims to give readers back their personal power and their loving heart - key ingredients for a happy life, as opposed to the residual bitterness ansd resentment that will cripple us for our next intimate or work relationship experience.


Review of "Heal Your Heartbreak"

Chuck Spezzano is an internationally renowned psychologist, counsellor and trainer, the author of such inspirationally entitled works as If it Hurts, It isn't Love. His home ground is something that touches us all -the question of relationships. How do I make mine work? Why do I always end up getting hurt? Why is this one no improvement on the last one? Spezzano applies a profoundly effective approach to such painful but all too common queries. He is co-founder (with his wife Lency) of a therapeutic model known as Psychology of Vision, in which the psychotherapeutic and the spiritual are closely aligned.

With this book, Spezzano looks at the experience of heartbreak, and offers both advice and wisdom--emotional, rational, spiritual, even shamanic--to help us understand why heartbreak happens, and the practical tools to address the pain and move forward in our lives without falling again into the same destructive pattern.

Under his attentive and compassionate gaze, heart-break emerges as an empowering key to self-knowledge, alerting us to the problematic issues in our minds and lives (and beyond) that all of us must address if we are to bring our hearts to wholeness. If it is true that relationships - or the mistakes we make in them - are the cause of heart break, it is also the case that "they are the perfect vehicles for profound healing in your life". This is thought-provoking, heart-nourishing stuff.- Dan Fielder.

The Road to Self-Healing Starts Here!
(Reviewer: A reader from Sayville, NY United States)
"Heal Your Heartbreak" by Chuck Spezzano is one of the best self-help books I've ever read. Spezzano's approach is psycological, spiritual and practical. Not only does he provide an in-depth analysis of our disappointments, heart breaks, and broken relationships but he also includes excellent healing exercizes at the end of each chapter. I have been recommending this book to friends, and anyone else who might benefit from it. It's a must read, and should be listed as a requirement for anyone interested in improving their relationships and living a fuller life.

For Anyone in Any Relationship-- Not Just the Heartbroken!
(Reviewer: shelmarie-3 from Atlanta, GA United States)
Heartbroken? Or just have some garden variety relationship trouble? You really don't have to spend $110 an hour on a therapist. If you're willing to take responsibility for your life and genuinely want to heal your relationship trouble, all you need to do is buy a book by Chuck Spezzano. Instead of focusing on your partner and your pain, Mr. Spezzano gently guides you into a steely-eyed stare deep into your own psyche. That's where true liberation is. So here's the book. The rest is up to you and your committment to happiness.

At some point in our lives we all experience heartbreak (Reviewer: Chad)
It can either cripple us or teach us a valuable lesson. After going through a divorce I was sure life would never be the same. I lost the one person that mattered most and I didn't know why. I thought nobody else could possibly know what I was going through. Chuck Spezzano explains it all. After reading this book it not only helped me to move on but to realize where everything went wrong. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing any kind of loss or heartbreak.


About heart therapy guru Chuck Spezzano

Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D., is a highly successful seminar and workshop leader, author, lecturer, visionary leader, and the co-founder of the Psychology of Vision, an international training organization. He is the author of six other books, including If It Hurts, It Isn't Love and The Enlightenment Pack. He lives in Hawaii.
Whole heartedness - Healing our Heartbreaks

Chuck's book is in separate British and USA editions

        UK edition   Canada edition  or  USA edition

Heal Your Heartbreak - How to Live and Love Again - Healing broken hearts - Return to Life and Loving Again - by Chuck Spezzano
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