The Journey of Grief & Process of Grieving

Comfort for Your Journey of Grief - "Say Goodbye..."
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Beautiful Angelic Support for Your Grieving Process.
Broken-hearted grief AF Broken heart grieving AF Grief can be a fearful, lonely or incredibly painful experience. Sometimes it is viewed as a 'frightful nuisance' - getting in the way of the life we want to be having and preventing us from feeling the way we would like to be feeling.

However, grief can also be one of the most important and powerful life-changing, life-affirming, life-enhancing journeys we can ever make. A journey which draws us closer to our ancestors because it transcends all time and cultures. A journey which, if successfully completed, leads us (sometimes through an agonising contemplation and reconstruction of the past) to a vision and empowerment for a more fulfilling and interconnected future.

Grief provides opportunities to encounter alarming "inner demons" of scary feelings and bottled-up old trauma memories - painful and frightening realities about the vulnerability and fragility of human life. We can choose to face these inner demons with courage and diginity, to make friends with them and harness their energy and teaching to enlarge our vision of ourselves, our lives and our relationships.

Amongst the recurring pains of grief there are blessings to be harvested - jewels that lie hidden just under the awesome veil of helplessness and suffering. Facing, expressing and sharing our grief can be a positive, life-affirming experience, a journey through intimidatory emotion and illusory perceptions to a new personal maturity, sensitivity and wisdom that can grow us into a more loving and sensitive human being and a tower of strength to others!

The classical stages of a grief process are: shock and disbelief, denial, anger, depression and the final stage of acceptance (when we come to terms with what has happened). However, individual experiences of grief vary enormously. To resolve grief successfully, it is necessary to fully feel the succession of natural feelings that come up, without wallowing in them [becoming over-attached/over-identified with] or getting stuck via mental massaging ["poor me"] or adding negative self-fulfilling beliefs such as "I will never recover!!"

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