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The Successful Self

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    INTRODUCTION Part I: Constructing the Self: the Hope and the Threat
    • Our Two realities
    • How Real is Real?
    • Feeling Good About Yourself
    • Structuring Ourselves & Our World
    • The Stucture of the Self
    • Experiencing Our Existence
    • The Threat of the Annihilation of the Self
    • Existence & Reality
    • The Pattern of Our Story
    • A Meaningful Story
    • Living a Full & Creative Life
    • Becoming a Successful Self

    Part 2: Our Two Realities
    • "Introvert" & "Extrovert" as:
    • i) descriptions of behaviour
    • ii) types of people
    • iii) preference for one reality
    • Constructing the Self
    Part 3: Which Reality Do You Prefer?
    • How to Ladder
    • Laddering in Therapy
    • Laddering is not a Game
    Part 4: Different Ways of Seeing & Doing Things
    • Physical Characteristics
    • Needing Other People
    • Different Styles in Doing Things
    • Different Reasons for Doing the Same Things
    • Different Modes of Experience
    • Men & Women
    Part 5: Opposites Attract & Repel!
    • Attractions
    • Repulsions
    • Reconciliations
    Part 6: A Choice of Madness
    • 'There is Something Wrong With Me'
    • Desperate Defences
    • Anxiety & Phobias
    • Mania
    • Obsessions & Compulsions
    • Schizophrenia
    • Depression
    • Winning New Battles Instead of Losing the Old Ones
    Part 7: Creating Your Successful Self
    • Valuing & Accepting Yourself
    • Elaborating the Sense of Self
    • Making the Less Real Reality Real
    • Creativity
    • A Full Life Story
    Part 8: The Journey Continues
    • The Therapist as a Successful Self
    • Ourselves as Successful Selves
Ordering details: UK (Europe)   Canada edition   USA edition
              (all deliver world-wide)


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