United Kingdom: drama novel about the UK Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic crisis
based on interviews with farming families in Devon at the time the tragic events unfolded...
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"Of Love and Slaughter"
Human Drama and Triumph in the face of the Overwhelming Tragedy
of a Terrible Animal Disease Epidemic

by leading novelist
Angela Huth

Book published: July 2002 - Audio cassette: Sept 2002

Hardcover - 312 pages



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New novel based on real-life interviews and investigations in Devon that novelist Angela Huth made during the tragic foot-and-mouth epidemic of 2001 which devastated many areas of rural England.

Duff Elton has returned to his childhood farm with new wife Lily. Living next door are his childhood friends, Nell and Paddy. When Paddy's animals are wiped out, he and Nell turn to Duff for help. The solution - that they should come and live in Duff's house, has life-changing consequences for all.

  UK and EU farming crisis 2001

The End of British Farming
by Andrew O'Hagan
In 1999, agriculture contributed £6.9 billion to the British economy, around 1 % of GDP. The figure for 2000 was £1.8 billion. In the eye of the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001, Andrew O'Hagan travelled the length and breadth of the country, talking to farmers, small and large, farmers with no crops and no animals. He takes the long view, tracing changes back to the Second World War, the international view of globalisation, supermarket shopping and the European Union. Most of all he takes a personal view - that of one of Britain's most admired, sensitive and subtle writers.
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