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One of our "Wellbeing Drumming" Workshops [Essex U.K.]

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Drum & Dance, Celtic Beltane Celebration [Bedfordshire UK]

U.K. hand drums training - workshops & courses in drumming - photograph from East Anglia

UK Drumming Workshop in Newmarket, Suffolk: Turkish Darabouka, African Djembe, Native American frame drum, Conga Drum, Celtic Bodhran

Beginners learn to play hand drum training - workshop in hand-drumming Cambridgeshire UK Photo Group Learning hand drum playing in Suffolk East Anglia U.K. beginner workshop picture

Group Learning Beginners Drum Rhythms Training - Suffolk, East Anglia Workshop

Beginners Drum & Rattle rhythms workshop - learn hand drumming in Cambridge Cambridgeshire East Anglia UK in 2008Beginner Drums & Shamanic Rattles rhythms workshop - learn hand drumming in Newmarket Suffolk 2008

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