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Thunder & Lightning Sound Effects
Thunderclaps - Thunderstorm - Lightning Flash

thunder clap and lightening sound effects to desensitize   thunder clap and lightening sound effects to desensitize   thunder claps and crashes lightning desensitisation noise effect to desensitise   thunder crash noises and lightenings desensitization sounds

Stormy Weather: Thunderstorm sounds & flashes - Claps of Thunder


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Pet Thunderstorm Phobias!

Is your dog, cat or horse scared by the noise of Thunder and Lightning storms? You can help your pet overcome a fear of thunderstorms by playing a thunder music track very quietly while stroking, reassuring and relaxing the animal. Gradually increase the volume over several short sessions to calm and desensitize a child, animal or anxious person to these frightening sounds.


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Thunder & Lightning soundtrack Thunderclaps sound effects Thunderstorm sounds & flashes