Shamanic Circle Dances for Healing & Holistic Spiritual Attunement

Sacred Circle Dance Ritual - Recycling Spiritual Energy back to the Spirit World via creating a Cone of Power
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Audio Clips of our Native American Tribal Spirit Circle Dances
Raising Our Vitality via
The Arapho Ghost Dance

     background info: Our 3 Levels of Identity
  Building Resourcefulness
A Seneca Planting Ritual

background info: Spirit Help + 5 Elements

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Audio Recordings from our Group Energy Healing Rituals
Group Energy Healing
"How Could Anyone..."

     background info: Healing the Inner Child
  Clearing Energy Blocks by
Mantric Energy Channeling

mantra background info: Aramaic Beatitude 3    

Audio recordings above are from Michael [Mikhael] Meredith 's "Healing Circle Dances" workshop at UK SSP Conference 2008


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Shamanic Drumming Workshop

U.K. Shamanism & Spiritual Development workshops & courses : Photographs U.K. Shamanic Healing & Spirituality workshop Photo
Sacred Circle Dance: "Beauty as a Gateway to Eternity"

Workshop at the UK National Shamanic Practitioners Conference 2007
Earthspirit Centre, Glastonbury


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