Are You, Your Children or Your Pets Terrified of Fireworks?
See below for how to reduce the sensitivity of phobic People or Pets to noisy firework sounds.
firecrackers, bangers, rip-raps, rockets roman candles can terrify pets with fobias but can also be used to cure hypersensitivy.

Firework Sounds to Treat Phobias! - Sound Effects & Animated Graphics

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Firework noises for desensitisation of people, child or pet dogs to the stress trigger of loud bangs and crackles. Controllable firework sounds (banger, rocket etc) can aid desensitization to the stress triggers of firework displays [birthday, celebrations, parties, November 5th "Bonfire Night" Guy Fawkes celebration in the UK, etc] noise to reduce sufferering from human or animal anxiety or panic attacks.

Cure hypersensitivity to noise by graduated exposure to increasing volume and repetition while in a safe and relaxed environment. Attention to breathing is very important e.g. the 4-phase breathing exercise. Children, farm animals or domestic pets may need to be stroked or given a treat of some kind during auditory aversive sound exposure.


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Is your dog, cat or horse scared by the loud bang noise of bangers, crackling of rip-raps, whoosh of rockets or other "Guy Fawkes Night" fireworks on November 5th? You can help your pet overcome a fear of sudden bangs and loud noises by playing a appropriate soundtracks very quietly while stroking, reassuring and relaxing the animal. Gradually increase the volume over several short sessions to calm and desensitize a child, animal or anxious person to these scary sounds.

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