I have a website - therefore I am!  -  BUT ONLY IF IT HAS MOVING ANIMATIONS!

Have fun, amuse your website users - creative web design via moving animation images!

Animations - Web Design Creativity in Action!

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why not liven up your website's web pages with some moving images?
The easiest to use and most widely compatible moving images are called "animated gifs"
they have a .GIF filename ending

Here are some examples of webpages that use moving cartoon animations....
(they open in a new browser window)

*Fireworks   *Bright idea!   *Machine guns firing   *Bomb about to explode!
*Halloween Ghost Haunting!   *Stressed people   *Shark attack!

The images on this website are all, as is usual, protected by copyright
but you can obtain your own copyright-free image animations collection to use in your webpages....


Moving animations  - royalty-free images and graphic design animations on CD
...collections available on CD

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*Add SOUNDS & MUSIC to your website!




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